Playin’ Favorites


  1. Sitting on Top of the World
  2. Living With the Blues
  3. Mountains O’ Mourne
  4. Fool’s Paradise
  5. Love O’ Love
  6. Medley: Bill Cheeatham/Old Joe Clark
  7. Everyday
  8. Ancient History
  9. Over the Mountains
  10. Lovesick Blues
  11. New Mule Skinner Blues
  12. Happy Trails
  • “Sitting on Top of the World” composed by Bo Carter, Little Walter
  • “Living With the Blues” composed by Ruth McGhee
  • “Mountains O’ Mourne” composed by Collisson/French
  • “Fool’s Paradise” composed by Sonny LeGlaire, Horace Linsley, Norman Petty
  • “Everyday” composed by Charles Hardin, Norman Petty
  • “Ancient History” and “Over the Mountains” composed by Irene Stanton, Wayne Walker
  • “Lovesick Blues” composed by Cliff Friend, Irving Mills
  • “New Mule Skinner Blues” composed by Jimmie Rodgers, George Vaughn
  • “Happy Trails” composed by Dale Evans
  • Produced by Ed Freeman

UNITED ARTISTS UA-LA161-F, Released October 1973 [LP]
UNITED ARTISTS UA-EA161-6, Released October 1973 [8T]
UNITED ARTISTS (FESTIVAL) L35000 (AUS), Released 1973 [LP]
BEAT GOES ON (BGO) 2779 21 2 [CD]