1. Castles in the Air
  2. Isn’t It Strange
  3. Left for Dead on the Road of Love
  4. Believers
  5. Sea Man
  6. I Tune the World Out
  7. Love Hurts
  8. Jerusalem
  9. Love Letters
  10. Crazy Eyes
  11. Sea Cruise
  12. Dream Lover

Produced by Larry Butler. Released by EMI in 1981. Includes the re-recorded ‘Castles in the Air’ and the highly popular ‘Jerusalem’. The 1997 Hip-o records re-issue of this album includes detailed liner notes written by Don McLean himself. In them he tells us that he re-recorded ‘Castles in the Air’ for this album because “I never liked the original, which at most had been a ‘B’ side for both ‘And I Love You So’ on Mediarts Records and later for ‘Vincent’ on United Artists Records. When this recording was released it went top-40 around the world and it’s now the ‘hit’ version of the song.” CD re-issue on hip-o records in 1997 includes bonus track: ‘Dream Lover’ (studio version).

MILLENIUM BXL1-7762, Released October 1981 [LP]
INTERFUSION (FESTIVAL) L37705 (AUS), Released 1981 [LP]
HIP-O HIPD-40060, Reissued August 1997 [CD]*

*With Bonus Track: Dream Lover (Darin)