And I Love You So


  1. Mountains O’Mourne
  2. Birthday Song
  3. Your Cheating Heart
  4. It Doesn’t Matter Anymore
  5. Since I Don’t Have You
  6. He’s Got You
  7. But She Loves Me
  8. Superman’s Ghost
  9. Everyday
  10. Love In My Heart
  11. Eventually
  12. The Touch Of Her Hand
  13. And I Love You So
  14. Castles In The Air
  15. Empty Chairs
  16. Crying
  17. Don’t Burn The Bridge
  18. Going For The Gold

Released in 1989 in the UK by EMI Records.


  1. Castles in the Air
  2. General Store
  3. Magdalene Lane
  4. Tapestry
  5. Respectable
  6. Orphans of Wealth
  7. Three Flights Up
  8. And I Love You So
  9. Bad Girl
  10. Circus Song
  11. No Reason for Your Dreams

Released by United Artists in 1971. Don’s first album, famously rejected by over 30 labels before being snapped up by Mediarts. Mediarts was soon taken over by United Artists. Album includes legendary ‘Castles in the Air’ and ‘And I Love You So’ and other excellent folk songs concerned with environmental and social issues. Reissued in 1994 by BGO records on CD with extensive liner notes.

MEDIARTS 41-4, Released April 1970 [LP]
MEDIARTS M 84, Released April 1970 [8T]
UNITED ARTISTS UAS-5522, Reissued August 1971** [LP]
UNITED ARTISTS U-8280, Reissued August 1971 [8T]
UNITED ARTISTS UAS-29350 (UK), Reissued 1971** [LP]
PICKWICK SPC-3702, Reissued 1979* [LP]
LIBERTY LN-10157, Reissued January 1982* [LP]
BEAT GOES ON (BGO) 2779 232 2 [CD]
EMI E2-53928, Reissued 1996 [CD]

*PICWICK and LIBERTY release missing Three Flights Up and Respectable.
**UNITED ARTISTS and later releases contain a remix of Castles In The Air, and a remix of No Reason For Your Dreams.

All tracks composed by Don McLean unless otherwise stated.