The Western Album


  1. Timber Trail
  2. Ridin’ Down the Canyon
  3. Pal O’ Mine
  4. I Ride an Old Paint
  5. I’ve Got Spurs (That Jingle)
  6. The Trail to Mexico
  7. Blue Prairie
  8. The Wild West Is Where I Wanna Be
  9. Tulsa Time/Deep in the Heart of Texas
  10. Lyndon Has a Bear Hug on Dallas
  11. (Take Me Back to My) Boots and Saddles
  12. Song of the Bandit
  13. Philidalphea Lawyer
  14. I’m an Old Cowhand
  15. Sioux Indians
  16. My Saddle Pal and I

Released by Don McLean Records in 2003. “Some albums are labors of love, others works of art. In returning to the western music which fired the imagination of his youth, Don McLean has clearly, beautifully, crafted a work of love and a work of art as well, spanning the spectrum of western music.” Ranger Doug, Riders in the Sky This album is dedicated to the memory of Neal Matthews and Duane West These were their last studio sessions. “My Saddle Pal and I” was recorded at the wrap party for the “Chain Lightning” album. Recording made on the spur of the moment, all quite drunk.