Killing Us Softly

  1. If We Try
  2. Happy Trails (Evans)
  3. Chain Lightning
  4. To Have And To Hold
  5. Eventually (Sharp)
  6. You Don’t Know Me (Walker-Arnold)
  7. Headroom
  8. Vincent (Starry Starry Night) (Version 2)
  9. Perfect Love
  10. Tapestry
  11. Everybody Loves Me Baby
  12. Color TV Blues
  13. Isn’t It Strange
  14. L’Affaire D’Amour
  15. Go Tell It On The Mountain
  16. American Pie Version 2
  17. And I Love You So Version 2

Released by Festival Records in 1994. Australian release.

FESTIVAL TVD 93403 (AUSTRALIA), Released 1994 [CD]

All tracks composed by Don McLean unless otherwise stated.

9 thoughts on “Killing Us Softly”

  1. “There were a few songs on this album that I had never heard, and loved them.

    But the new versions of the old classics were absolutely awful. Don&#39t ruin a good thing, I say.

    “”Isn&#39t it strange”” is legendary. (Rated 5 out of 5)”

  2. “I think american pie
    album was just brilliant
    and I am really sad:(
    cause madonna dared to
    sing with her crap voice
    America Pie. (Rated 5 out of 5)”

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